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Circular Economy - A Game Changer for the Wood Building Industry

The overall goal for the project is to boost regional companies competitiveness on the international market by initiating new networks and business ecosystems and introducing circular economy solutions based on previous recognized success factors.

The main goal for this project is to support SMEs within the wood building ecosystem in overcoming common barriers for adopting a circular economy business. At the end of the project, the participating companies in both Finland and Sweden will have increased their knowledge on new business models, raised employee know-how on new technical solutions, better understanding of customers need for product and service development and created new networks and business ecosystems.

The project offers a platform for networking and expert assistance to foster the game change to circular economy. It also gives the SMEs in wood building industry opportunities to find synergies and complementary skills within a larger region, thereby making the transition to a circular economy easier. The work done in the project will strengthen the cooperation between universities and companies and contribute to increased innovation and transfer of new technologies to regional SMEs.


Regional Council of Ostrobotnia(FI), University of Applied Sciences Novia (FI), TTY-foundation (Tampere University of Technology) (FI), Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (FI), Umeå university - USBE (SE), Umeå university - TFE (SE)

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