Botnia Näring i Kretslopp - Ett strategiskt biogaskluster för att främja biogasproduktion i Botnia-Atlanticaregionen

The purpose of this project is to evaluate and test innovative solutions for refining digestate from biogas production into a commercial fertilizer product.

The project will be carried out within the program area's biogas cluster and together with the target groups analyze and solve underlying problems. In order to acquire new knowledge and best practice to the program area, study visits will be carried out to existing demonstration facilities around the Baltic Sea. To overcome the acceptance issues among the end customers, quality analyses will be carried out with a focus on microplastics, pharmaceutical residues, as well as viruses and bacteria. Three demonstrational cultivations will be carried out to demonstrate what fertilizing with digestate means in practice. Operating data from three biogas plants in the program area will be evaluated from a technical-economic perspective to be able to connect the product with the potential market. An essential part of the project's external communication is to create innovative solutions for recycling nutrients from the digestate and enable circular economies, jointly within the program area. At the same time the project contributes to solving two major environmental challenges - climate change and "peak" phosphorus.

Expected results of the project is that new innovative solutions have been tested and functional solutions have been implemented. This will in first hand generate an increased level of competitiveness among biogas producers in the program area. In addition, the development of a commercial fertilizer product enables biogas production to be increased in the program area in a responsible manner. In order to succeed, the degree of commercialization needs to increase as well as the acceptance for digestate as raw material. With increased production volumes biogas can be liquified to LBG and used for heavy duty vehicles and sea vessels, e.g. the new Kvarken ferry.

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