The Botnia-Atlantica Annual Conference Cancelled

We have had a rapid increase of people infected with Covid-19 in Sweden these past weeks and last week new stricter restrictions were presented in our region. We are now adviced not to travel inside or outside Västerbotten, nor should we meet with other people outside our families (as far as possible).
This means that we see no possibility but to cancel our annual conference, even though it is digital, since we cannot go through with filming the planned pre-recordings, nor the live studio session.
Our ambition is to be able to arrange the conference in the beginning of 2021 instead, and we promise to keep you updated. Those of you who have already registered for the conference will automatically be registered for the new event
We are of course very sorry to bring you these sad news, but we cannot control this virus and we all have to do whatever we can to stop the spreading of it.

Siirry "Uutisia"-sivulle
Päivitetty 05.07.2016, Kello 17.40, .