Call for projects

Centrum Balticum is looking for projects to be featured in a multi-channel communication campaign “Cohesion through EUSBSR”. The campaign aims at highlighting the impact of EU Cohesion policy in the Baltic Sea macro-region. It puts EU-funded transnational and cross-border projects and their beneficiaries in the forefront, and communicates the benefits and contributions of Cohesion policy to the development of the macro-region.

In the campaign, the approach is on telling stories: about the projects themselves and people behind and around them. By showing the positive benefits through concrete examples EU Cohesion policy and EUSBSR are given human faces.

The projects featured in the campaign can be on-going or recently finalized, and they should concretely illustrate the positive effects of EU Cohesion policy and be in line with the EUSBSR objectives (Save the sea, Connect the region & Increase prosperity).

As the campaign material is shared on multiple channels, the projects in the campaign will gain increased visibility and resources for their communications.

The campaign takes place during 2019 which marks also the EUSBSR jubilee year.

The project is financed by the European Commission DG Regio.

Read more about how to apply here.

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